2011, Alaska Christian College

“We learned with amazement today of the generous bid you provided to Blazy Construction for the Title III construction project here at ACC.  This has such huge ramifications for our being able to accomplish the building plans we have for this year!

Last Friday, a team of us gathered in my office to pray before the bid were opened at Peter Klauder’s office.  We prayed (knowing that it would take a miracle) that we would be able to get the new building and all the alternatives completed within our limited budget.  We had only one million dollars to spend, but when opened the envelopes, we were astonished to see that two were under our cost allotment!

Today Randy, from Blazy Construction, shared that because of the generous bid from your company; their bid was under the one million dollar mark.  You, Bruce, (and Danielle too) were the answer to our prayer last Friday morning!

For each of our 10 years, you, and your company have blessed ACC in immeasurable ways.  Your contributions are God’s hand in expanding our ability to provide a safe, new, better place for students to succeed in Christian higher education.”

2009, Kenai Chamber of Commerce, Industry Appreciation Award

In 2009, Bruce Gabriel, Big G Electric’s President & CEO was presented the Kenai Chamber of Commerce’s Industry Appreciation Day Award for Outstanding Individual in Oil & Gas.  This recognition is given to individuals who contribute to our Kenai Peninsula Community-Economy in the fields of: Oil & Gas, Tourism, and Commercial Fishing.  

2008, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Pyramid Award

In June, 2008 Big G Electric & Engineering, Inc. was awarded the Pyramid Award during the 18th Annual Excellence in Construction Awards hosted at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Dale White was present to accept the award for Big G for their involvement with the Tesoro Distillate Desulfurization Unit in Kenai, Alaska. Along with receiving congratulations from several other construction companies, it was an honor to receive letters of congratulations from both Senator Lisa Murkowski and Congressman Don Young.

2007, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Pyramid Award

"Excellence in Construction:The National Excellence in Construction Awards competition recognizes outstanding quality and innovations in merit shop construction projects and honors all members of the team: Contractor, Owner, Architect and Engineer."


Thank you everyone for your kind words.

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